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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things We Will Discover About The Crew In "Pathways"
Sue_B -- 10 Jun 1998, 8:21 AM

10.Janeway was in coffee detox for three months before taking command of Voyager. Looks like she fell off the wagon.
9.Chakotay loves quiche.
8.Tuvok can't do math....why else is a Vulcan in security for Pete's sake?
7.Paris wanted to be a gourmet chef...that's why dad threw him out.
6.B'Elanna use the Biore pore cleaning tape one too many times on her forehead (she's really NOT Klingon).
5.Harry still has his teddy bear...that offer in One was real.
4.Doc's manliness subroutines were programmed by Barclay.
3.Neelix is on the lamb.
2b.Kes (yes, we should remember her!) was voted "girl most likely to be abducted by aliens".(SEASON 3 TTL)
2a.Seven had liposuction as a Borg. Hey, they have their standards. (SEASON 4 TTL)
1.There's a bumper sticker on Voyager "Alpha Quadrant or Bust".