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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things We Will Discover About The Crew In "Pathways"
Mrs. Mac -- 10 Jun 1998, 7:00 AM

10.The real reason B'Elanna ditched StarFleet Academy was because she was caught using CLIFF NOTES in Warp Core 101.
9.Tuvok was high school class clown.
8.Janeway is really a genetically engineered Ripley clone.
7.Chakotay's given name was "Chuckie Gonzalez," and he was actually born in Flatbush, Brooklyn and owned a bodega before joining the Maquis.
6.Seska is really Chuckie Gonzalez' long lost twin sister, "SesQua-Hanna Gonzalez." After Chakotay gave Seska a final kiss goodbye he was caught spitting and muttering, "That was like kissing my sister..."
5.When Seven-of-Nine peels her clothing off at night, out pops Twiggy-the-Borg.
4.Harry Kim was sent to StarFleet Academy when his parents caught him secretly going to ballet school at night.
3.Tom Paris' mysterious crash was caused by his use of an antique cell phone while driving. When they wheeled him into the hospital he was mumbling, "Ten cents a minute, ten cents a minute..."
2.Doc's program, which actually operates in dog years, is not YEAR 3000 compliant.
1.Neelix, desperately in need of long term friendships, has been secretly holding Plug-n-Play Warp 30 technology in the glove compartment of his shuttle.