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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things We Will Discover About The Crew In "Pathways"
Review Boy (Jim Wright) -- 10 Jun 1998

10.B'Elanna was voted "Miss Congeniality" in her first beauty pageant.
9.The reason Harry freaked out about waking up with Libby in that parallel universe in "Non Sequitur" is that he'd been lying about her to Tom--she's really just someone he'd mooned over from a distance.
8.Paris' "pilot error" at Caldik Prime: serving red wine with fish to Admiral Buttmunch at the officer's club.
7.Chakotay's tattoo has less to do with family tradition than with a keg of Moosehead and an all-night game of Truth or Dare.
6.Doc's original project name: Tito.
5.Tuvok will begin to wear women's clothing for no apparent reason, and start yammering incoherently about someplace called Toledo. As Doc will explain, after the age of 100, Vulcan males no longer undergo the seven-year pon farr, but the lesser-known jamie farr.
4.Chakotay can't even drive a golf ball without breaking something.
3.Rejected EMH visual interfaces: Dr. Joyce Brothers, Dr. Ruth, Dr. Spock, Dr. Pepper, Dr. Gonzo, Dr. Laura, Dr. Seuss, and Dr. Demento.
2.Seven of Nine was far more popular in the Collective before her most recent promotion.
1.Neelix has been spitting in Tuvok's food for years.