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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things We Will Discover About The Crew In "Pathways"
Vickie T. -- 9 Jun 1998, 10:52 PM

10.Chakotay is also living a lie. That tattoo has nothing to do with his father or his heritage. In fact, he has no idea what it symbolizes, since he simply woke up with it one morning after a wild night of Romulan ale, Orion slave girls and Irish drinking songs.
9.Tuvok has always harbored a secret desire to be a stand-up comedian.
8.The reason Ayala never speaks is that due to an unfortunate transporter malfunction, he has Fran Drescher's voice.
7.Tom Paris has green eyes. He just wears tinted contact lenses.
6.Neelix is really the female of his species. (Hey, it's as good a reason as any we've been given for the Kes/Neelix breakup!)
5.The reason the Delaney sisters only go on double dates is that they're actually Siamese twins.
4.Janeway had to take remedial assertiveness training 3 times at the Academy before she passed.
3.B'Elanna graduated with honors from Miss Camielle's School for Young Ladies.
2.Harry Kim was named "Most Studly" in his high school yearbook.
1.Starfleet Academy was actually Chakotay's second choice - he couldn't get into the Dances with Wolves School of Classical Dance.

Ginny -- 10 Jun 1998, 9:32 AM

I only have time for one this morning.

It will be revealed that certain types of human organic tissue swell in reaction to Borg assimilation. As Seven becomes more human and less dependent on nanotechnology, the extreme puffiness in her lips and breasts will go down, and her figure and countenance will resume normal, pre-assimilation proportions.

As a consequence, she will be affectionately referred to as the Borg Francie.