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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things The Rest Of The Crew Would Do If Left Alone On Voyager For A Month
Ruth -- 18 May 1998, 2:59 PM

10.The Delaney Sisters: finally a chance to catch up on some sleep!
9.Ayala: talk nonstop
8.Anonymous Red Shirt ensign: anything he dang well pleases for once, because he knows he can't get killed off while the rest of the crew is in stasis..... or can he?
7.Tuvok: hail every passing ship he sees and ask "do you have Prince Albert in a can?" (Hee hee, that one cracks them up every time back on Vulcan)
6.Neelix: he'd spend the entire month trying recipe after recipe in order to find the one that would make Leola Root palatable, and he finally succeeds! But then he realizes that he'd just used the last can of the stuff, and the ship is 60,000 light years from a Krogers.
5.Seven: I don't care what they had her do in "One" -- she'd really spend the time in a sweat suit and a pair of tennis shoes.
4.Carey: switch everything around in Engineering so that B'Elanna is totally confused when she comes out of stasis
3.The AOTW would take the opportunity to freely walk around the ship, including in sensitive areas, and then openly hack into Voyager's computers without anyone stopping he/she/it and asking what he/she/it is doing. Oh, wait, I forgot. He/she/it can do that with the full crew there anyhow.
2.Janeway: She'd spend hours playing around with one of those computer programs that lets you see what you would look like with a different hairstyle.
1.Chakotay: He's a pretty stable guy, so he'd probably stick pretty close to his current schedule. (0600, Awake, take cold shower. 0645, eat Leola-ios cereal. 0700, senior staff meeting -- see *her*. 0745, take another cold shower. 0830, wreck shuttle ..... 1700, meet with spirit guide for meditation, a couple of beers, and a round of pool at Sandrine's, etc.).
 Except, that the Kathryn who will appear in crew holoprograms he'd devise in order to continue to have human "interaction" during the month might make one or two of those cold showers *unnecessary*.