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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Five Things The Pre-"Demons" Harry Would Do If Left Alone On Voyager For A Month
Ruth -- 15 May 1998, 10:36 AM

5.Practice the scales on his clarinet
4.Balance his checkbook.
3.Catch up on his correspondence. ("Dearest Aunt Catherine: I'm sorry it has taken me so long to reply to your last letter, but things have really been busy for me these last four years....")
2.While Neelix is away, the mouse will play: not one but TWO scoops of vanilla ice cream for dessert --- with extra sprinkles!!!
1.Oh, boy, Brady Bunch marathon, here we come! ("Marcia Brady is HOT")

Top Five Things The Post-"Demons" Harry Would Do If Left Alone On Voyager For A Month

5.Sit around and think of new things to volunteer Tom to do.
4.The new, living on the edge Harry would take the opportunity to switch from the clarinet to the saxophone. ("Chicks dig sax players")
3.He'd create a new holoprogram based on that conversation about "mating rituals" that he had with Seven in "Revulsion" This time, however, when she asks him to disrobe, he won't be wearing anything but his favorite PJs .... and a smile.
2.He'd spend hours watching TERMINATOR I and II, and practicing his Arnold Schwarzenegger impression.
1.He'd still drink a glass of milk with dinner every night, but now he'd have it in a *dirty* glass.