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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things Tom Paris Would Do If Left Alone On Voyager For A Month
SuzyQ -- 14 May 1998, 11:54 AM

10.Obtain excess replicator rations from the crew before they get put in stasis so he can have a...
9....Pizza Party on the Bridge! While watching horror classic, CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, on the viewscreen from the captain's chair of course.
8.Open Chakotay's medicine bundle and switch the Big Stone with Tom's pet rock.
7.Short-sheet everyone's beds
6.Hide Neelix's supply of leola root in Jeffies Tubes 1-47.
5.Revisit Sandrine's and play one game of pool with Janeway that he actually wins.
4.Visit his baby, Camaro, on the holodeck at least two hours every day.
3.Program every button on Harry's console to say "This command is irrelevant" in Seven's voice whenever they're touched.
2.Finally finish the Worst Case Scenario program the way *he* wants to - with emotion, action, and a touch of romance. (We won't say with whom. (g))
1.Loop-de-loop Voyager at least once a day. Plus a little flippity-flip to keep the reflexes sharp.