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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Elements That Would Be In Any Script Penned By The Nebulites
Ruth -- 8 May 1998, 2:01 PM

Inspired by PegN's earlier comment: "Thought: Could you just see the people on this board trying to complete *one* script together? It gives me a headache just thinking about it."

Since I only had ten spots, I had to leave lots of folks out.

10.G'Inny's contribution: Our Darling Tom will stare deeply into the camera for ten whole seconds with his gray, gray eyes.
9.Roxanne's contribution: an "all musical" VOYAGER.
8.Mike D's contribution: Kathryn finally settles on a permanent hairstyle --- the Maureen O'Hara look in THE QUIET MAN. Her new look lends her a new confident glow, and anytime anyone questions whether she is making an inconsistent decision, she pulls out her compression phaser rifle......
7.Andy's contribution: In the first five minutes of the show, Janeway and B'Elanna are captured by the AOTW. The remaining senior staff consider going after them, then shrug and say, "ah, why bother?" They then elect Seven as captain and *immediately* begin making entries in the new "Private Logs of Mistress Seven."
6.Eric's contribution no. 1: Kes returns in her Warlord outfit ...
5.Eric's contribution no. 2: and challenges Seven to form a team to play Kes' all star (Neve Cambell, Gina Gershon, and Sarah Marie Gellar) group in a beach bikini volleyball tournament in the holodeck.
4.The Tomaholics and Beltraniacs agree to settle their twin obsessions the old fashioned way: they have the guys dress up in tight black pants, thigh high leather boots, and pirate shirts and have Tom and Chakotay engage in a sword fight to the death!
 Or at least until they are kind of tired and sweaty, and need to be taken back to their quarters for a little TLC.
3.SuzyQ, Diane, Vickie T., and PegN's special contributions to this effort: *Lots* of tight shots of the guy's rear ends.
2.Terry, T'Racy and the Mac's contribution: B'Elanna and Seven get into a fist fight, and when good old fashioned Klingon force beats Borg technology, the victor then forces the vanquished to wear flats and a smock at all times.
1.PegN's contribution: Using her Tom and Tuvvy dolls for inspiration, she includes a holonovel moment wherein Tuvvy and Tom re-enact the scene where Leonardo DiCaprio (Tuvok) draws Kate Winslet's (Tom) picture in the TITANIC.