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Voyager Top Ten Lists

More Top Ten Other Voyager Inaccuracies Found In The "Living Witness" Museum
Martha -- 4 May 1998, 4:36 PM

10.Brother Tom Paris is portrayed as sleeping in a hair shirt in a holodeck simulation of a Benedictine Monastery.
9.In an effort to present other Voyager interactions in the Delta Quadrant, they re-create "The Year of Hell." Much to their astonishment, a previously unknown crew member, Kes, periodically appears and disappears in the background.
8.Showing the monumental cruelty demonstrated by the Captain (and her boy-toy pilot) toward their own offspring, Voyager's "Orphanage" is displayed with two inhabitants, species unknown, nicknamed "Jane Eyre" and "Oliver Twist." All the orphans do is cry out "Mommy? Why did you and Daddy abandon us?"
7.In an effort to portray a more "balanced" picture of Voyager, a diorama is created for a moving scene in the life of the beloved "Saint B'Ellana, the Calm and Merciful." The scene portrays a moment from one of the Girl Scout meetings where St. B'Ellana shows Naomi Wildmon how to make s'mores using the warp core.
6.Neelix is revealed as the ship's hairstylist.
5.Showing the Voyager crew at play, Ensign Kaplan the Resurrected gives golfing lessons.
4.The closet of crewmember Seven is revealed to have several crates of "corn" and "bunion" pads placed alongside the high-heeled shoes. (Hey back off, remember--these are *inaccurate* representations).
3.Lt. Tuvok is portrayed as the happy captain of the nude volleyball team.
2.The twin Captains Janeway are portrayed with all the interesting polarities of their personalities.
 Several fascinating doctoral theses have been written on the subject of whether the crew knew they had a twinship command, with the majority opinion being that they *must* have noticed the inconsistencies.
1."The Omega Particle" is shown to be the brand name for the Galaxy's most effective "regularity" restoring product. Particularly popular among the Borg, whose assimilation tasks keep them from the bran they so desparately need.