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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Other Voyager Inaccuracies Found In The "Living Witness" Museum
Ruth -- 4 May 1998, 12:43 PM

10.The Delaney sisters are portrayed as being *very* popular with the male members of the crew --- because they liked sports and had good personalities.
9.When asked what "Leola Root" tasted like, the museum workers shrug and say, "a lot like chicken."
8.They show that there was an awkward flirtation going on between Harry and Seven, and that once they even kissed in a dream sequence.
 Eeewh, wait a minute. That really happened, didn't it?
7.They tell the touching story of how B'Elanna became godmother to her best friend Carey's children.
6.Ayala is shown as the crew blabbermouth.
5.They re-create Tom's sentimental Annual Father's Day tribute to "My Best Friend, My Dad" -- which never fails to bring a tear to the eyes of visitors.
4.One of the exhibits the museum is proudest of is their painstaking restoration of trophies showing Chak-otay's five consecutive wins in the "I'm A Voyager Shuttle Safety Scout!" contest.
3.Despite incontrovertible proof that Tom Paris' eyes were blue, the dark haired museum curator, Ginnen, insists on portraying them as gray.
2.In the interactive exhibit, "You Choose Janeway's Coiffure!!!," the "Farrah Fawcett" cut is by far the most popular choice.
1.In a section of the exhibit not accessible to minors, museum employees explain the complex and varied relationships between the various crew members (Janeway alone gets her own wing), and explain how the ship became known throughout the Delta Quadrant as a floating "Melrose Space."