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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Courses That Chakotay Paid Attention To At Starfleet Academy
Ruth -- 29 Apr 1998, 10:12 AM

Well, it is not a Vegas TTL...and actually it is out of date, because I started it after Vis A Vis, but in honor of the Vulkon Six planning a reunion at the Beltran Vulkon in August, here is a Chakotay Top Ten List.

10.Animal Husbandry/Native American Studies 122: an interdepartmental course, "The Care and Feeding of Your Spirit Guide"
9.Cosmetology 360: Using Everyday Household Items (Like Shoe Polish) To Cover That Tell-Tale Gray
8.English 400: Understanding the Symbolism and Eroticism of Internet Slash Fiction (haven't you ever wondered why he occasionally refers to Tom's eyes as "brilliant pools of sapphire blue" during senior staff meetings?)
7.Command Structure 333: How To Avoid Picking Subordinate Crew Members Who Will Commit Sabotage and/or Betray Your Cause
Okay, he cut that class a few times.
6.Animal Husbandry/Cosmetology 250: How Using "Just for Spirit Guides" Can Make Your Guide Look Younger In Days
5.Psychology 400: A Seminar on "Smart Men-Foolish Choices: Why the Nicest Guys Seem to End Up with Traitors, Amnesiacs, and/or Unavailable Women"
4.Driver's Education 100: Remedial Shuttle Piloting (Fall Semester)
3.Driver's Education 100: Remedial Shuttle Piloting (Spring Semester)
2.Driver's Education 100: Remedial Shuttle Piloting (Summer Semester) (he finally passed it this time, but mainly b/c he had a sympathetic female teacher with a thing for tattoos -- and who looked a little like Vickie T.)
1.Interpersonal Relations 447: How to Get a Woman to Say Yes Every Time

Okay, he tried to get into that class, but it was full, and he got stuck taking Interpersonal Relations 474: How to Accept Rejection Without It Hurting Your Self Esteem.