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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Ways The Nebula Will Play While Half The Board Is Away (Getting Taken To The Cleaners In Las Vegas!
SuzyQ -- 17 Apr 1998, 3:08 PM

10.Voyager TV Marathon, from "Caretaker" all the way up to "The Omega Directive," the remaining Nebulites take that roller coaster ride from Season 1 down to Season 2 twisting through Season 3 into the Tunnel of the Trilogy of Terror (this *can* cause whiplash) to the loop-de-loops of Season 4. This, of course, must be accompanied by parallel...
9....Drinking Games! Each chooses their own beverage, but *must* imbibe at the following moments - when Harry acts like a doofus; when Tom's *blue* eyes are clearly shown or he says "Oh-kaaay;" when Chakotay crashes a shuttle or has the wool pulled over his eyes; when Janeway puts her hands on her hips or changes her hairstyle; when Tuvok solves yet another case; when B'Elanna has yet another problem with the warp core/nacelles/gel packs; when Kes smiles sweetly; when Doc says, "I'm a doctor not a....;" and, finally, when Seven is shown in a 3/4 to full-body shot.
8.Roxanne, Domestic Goddess, + Candy-Making Machine = little chocolate versions of Tom Paris and Chakotay. Fantasy prevails and soon the figures are filled with caramel, marshmallow, peanut butter, you name it! MEG has the bright idea to cover them in foil and put them all in a...
7.7-Shaped Piñata! Which most of the folks here beat to a pulp with much glee, even after it's busted open. (ahem) Yours truly, however, ignores the melee and proceeds to scoop up as many solid chocolate and caramel-filled Parises as her purse can hold...
6.Place your bets right here, folks! We've got the following categories:
  • Nebulite That Embarrassed Themself First (Ginny)
  • Nebulite That Embarrassed The Group First (Ginny)
  • Number of Times Nebulites Were Asked to Leave the ST: Experience (4)
  • Number of Times Fliteman was seen Away from the Casinos for the entire trip. (Two - once on his way to his hotel room to get his other credit card, the other back from a trip to the restroom. (g))
5.ST Twister! Instead of colors, we've got pictures of various AOTW's in the circles. Put your hand on a Cardassian, your butt on a Kazon, and a foot on a Vidiian!
4.Macs take over Terry's fan fiction archive and reset it so it will *only* sort stories by B'Elanna references - Angry B'Elanna, Happy B'Elanna, Horny B'Elanna, Smart B'Elanna, etc.
3.Singing in the Round!
 "A hundred new shuttles from Voyager on board,
A hundred new shuttles on board,
Take one out,
Chuckles flies around,
Ninety-nine shuttles from Voyager on board..."
2.Eric's Version of Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey: Pin-the-Implant-on-7! As you spin round and round with a blindfold obscuring your vision, the goal is to pin 7's eye and hand thingies on the correct body locations on Eric's life-size wall poster of 7. Of course, Eric himself always wins because he practices this by himself every other day...the other days being occupied with Pin-the-Leather-Garments-on-Kes! ;-)
1.Jules, Board Goddess that she is, reconfigures the Nebula to look exactly like...the old haunt, the Psi Phi Discussion Area! Causing *much* confusion and anxiety when the roadies return.


Jim C -- 17 Apr 1998, 3:58 PM

*LOL* Here are my bets for #6

  • Nebulite that embarrasses themself first: Ruth (she did go didn't she?); I think she'll be unable to control her emotions and break into song in line for ST:The Experience
  • Nebulite that embarrasses the group first: GOTTA BE Andy; some hot show girl with an uncanny resemblance to Jeri Ryan will walk by whereupon Andy will throw himself at her feet and pledge undying love.
  • Number of times Nebulites will be asked to leave ST:The Experience: 1; they will all rush the simulated bridge racing each other to see who can sit in the captain's chair first. This will so disturb the other riders that security will kick them out and distribute photos of each person in the group with strict instructions to "shoot first, ask questions later."
  • Number of times Fliteman will be seen away from the casino the entire trip: 0; unbeknownst to anyone, he contracted the robotics folks at work to make three exact robotic duplicates of himself. They will rotate in shifts from all of his favorite table games to the bathroom to the buffet to the bed.


P.S. I really think #1 sounds like a great idea. How about it Jules?

[Note from Jules on 2 Apr 2002: for the past year this has actually been possible to do. :-) Unfortunately I've been on all the trips since the Vega$ one and haven't had the opportunity. Besides, it might make the Psi Phi old timers confused and anxious, but it'd be totally bewildering to anybody who's joined us since, oh, 1998.]