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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Trek Items MikeD May Have Received From His Mysterious Benefactor
The Macs -- 10 Apr 1998, 2:07 PM

10.A pair of pickled Vulcan ears
9.Vapor from Kes' Immolation scene in "The Gift"
8.Klingon language edition of "Women Warriors at the River Blood"
7.A lifetime supply of leola root extract - that seasoning needed for special occasions
6.An autographed copy of "Warp Core Conduits for Dummies"
5.Janeway's power ponytail weave
4.An empty box of doughnuts from Robbie Duncan McNeill
3.A box of black show polish from Chakotay to keep that beard looking young
2.Borg implants for that receding hairline
1.Borg implant for that other receding. . .oh, nevermind.