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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Other Courses That Tom Paid Attention To At Starfleet Academy
Ruth -- 10 Apr 1998, 12:16 PM

10.Home Ec 353: Intermediate Uniform Alterations (with a special emphasis on letting out seams).
9.Interpersonal Relations 200: How to Avoid Using Inappropriate Humor in Tense Situations. Okay, he cut that class quite a bit.
8.Cosmetology 360: Advanced Hair Styling Techniques: Teasing and Poofing of the Thinning Hairline
7.Command Structure 101: Insubordination and Insolence for Beginners (actually, I think he tested out of this course).
6.Interpersonal Relations 400: Advanced Flirting (and he *was* the teacher's pet in this course)
5.History 333: From Casanova to Kirk: Ladies Men Throughout the Ages
4.Human Resources 225: Intermediate Task Avoidance: Loafing, Lollygagging and Malingering Your Way Through Life.
3.History 400: The American Revolution. The title of his term paper: "Benedict Arnold: Traitor or Son of a Demanding, Unappreciative Father Who Set Impossibly High Standards?"
2.Sex Education 450: Klingon Erogenous Zones (he just *knew* it would come in handy someday)
1.Command Structure 350: Tips on Pleasing the Female Captain