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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things The Vis A Vis Alien Found Annoying About Being Stuck In Chakotay's Body
Leonie -- 6 Apr 1998, 3:31 PM

10.Peel and stick tattoo hard to put on straight in the morning,
9.Having the urge to shoot that annoying creature that appears in his dream as a guide.
8.Carrying all that weight and running around the "ready room" three times a day to get away from Janeway's advances is beginning to get to him. Does she need glasses?
7.Having to pretend to like Harry Kim
6.Cannot actually find out if 'those ripe melons" are actually Borg implants as he fears the harassment charge.
5.As a matter of fact he fears being beamed into a Hirogen ship
4.If he has to drink one more of Neelix's cup of "Leola Root tea" he will not be held responsible for the consequences
3.What is that thing hanging up on the wall anyway, it is the ugliest thing he has ever seen.
2.Having to host Neelix's "Native American Dance" Party, who do they think he is "Fabio", sheesh!!!!
1.Four Words, "Kiwi Black Shoe Polish"