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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things The Vis A Vis Alien Found Annoying About Being Stuck In Janeway's Body
Mrs. Mac -- 6 Apr 1998, 1:31 PM

10.Coffee. He's a tea drinker.
9.Being called, "Ma'am."
8.Crossing his legs in the command chair.
7.Chakotay's annoying pinches when the crew wasn't looking.
6.Silk nighties and tight wool uniforms.
5.Resisting Seven of Nine.
4.The chattering of the beautician when he got his hair done daily.
3.Q's advancements.
2.Breast feeding 3 salamander babies he hardly knew.
1.The strange looks he got when he showed up in Sandrines in a topless Speedo when Tom asked her to play pool with him.