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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Signs You Are Too Obsessed With Voyager
Jason -- 2 Apr 1998, 6:44 PM

Be gentle-- this is only my second Top 10 List. :)

10.You keep a voo-doo doll of Harry Kim in your closet.
9.Instead of letting your children play with blocks, you make them construct Vulcan keethras.
8.You are actively involved in the debate over whether Jeri Ryan's breasts are real-life Borg implants.
7.When you have to do a calculation, you round the answer up to the nearest 47.
6.Everytime Voyager shows Neelix's morning show, you keep waiting for them to show the Delta Quadrant weather report.
5.Your hairstyle changes with Janeway's.
4.You have a life size cutout of Kes in her Warlord costume in your room. (Eric is exempted. :P)
3.You only wear purple under circumstances of having it matched in combinations of black with either red, orange and blue.
2.Thursday is the night when you prepare for your family the same meal Neelix served for Voyager's crew the night before.
1.At family gatherings, you keep referring to the quiet family member as "Ayala".