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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things That Happen On Tuvok's Terrible Day
Ginny -- 2 Apr 1998, 9:10 AM

10.Tuvok has that "walking onto the bridge naked" dream again, but this time, instead of laughing, the bridge crew turns pale and becomes faintly nauseous.
9.Suddenly and without warning, Tuvok finds himself demoted to Lieutenant again.
8.Naomi Wildman decides that Neelix is just an amateur and demands that the Chief of Security come check under her bed for monsters every night.
7.Kathryn has an alien acupuncture relapse and takes Tuvok up on his offer to flog the crew.
(Oops--wrong list.)
6.After the success of Luau Night on the holodeck, Neelix decides to throw a Toga Party.
5.While Tuvok is walking down a corridor with Seven, she abruptly enters her troubled teens, bursts into tears, and wails, "You just don't understand me!"
4.Harry finally beats Tuvok at Kalto.
3.While in a Vulcan meditative state, Tuvok encounters Chakotay's spirit guide. Failing to recognize it as such, he mentally vaporizes the animal.
2.Tom and Tuvok nearly come to blows over their latest holonovel, when Tom decides that there's not enough sex and violence in "Hamlet" and insists on changing Horatio's character into Xena.
1.Two words--Pon Farr.