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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Voyager's Top Ten Signs That Spring Is Coming
Ginny -- 23 Mar 1998, 8:05 AM

10.Neelix starts shedding his winter coat.
9.Harry ties a kite to the left nacelle.
8.The holographic snowbirds in the beach resort program are replaced by holographic college students on spring break.
7.Seven replicates a pair of high-heeled white sandals.
6.The Holodoc's virtual tee times start cutting into his office hours.
5.Chakotay has taken to pinching ensigns in the turbolift and blaming it on his spirit guide's mating instinct.
4.Tom and Tuvok's new holonovel, "The Rites of Spring" (NC17 version), is booked through Memorial Day.
3.The away team spotted a robin while visiting a nearby planet. Neelix promptly trapped it and made it into a stew.
2.The Holodoc can't keep Sudafed in stock in Sick Bay.
1.The crew keeps running into exactly the same aliens that they encountered in the fall.

P.S. I did this without looking at everyone else's lists. Forgive me, if I repeated someone else.