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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things Found In Tom Paris' Quarters During Spring Cleaning
Roxanne -- 21 Mar 1998, 5:50 PM

10.3D picture of the Delaney Sisters on a nude beach.
9.His Court Martial Papers
8.Letters from his father while he was in prison.
7.Book: How to Beat at Pool. Top secrets from the world's greatest pool sharks.
6.Bottle of Sandrine's finest.
5.Picture of his Star Fleet Graduation.
4.I.O.U.'s from Quark's Bar which Quark owed him when he beat Quark at Tongo.
3.Reeds for Harry's clarinet in hopes that he wouldn't have to listen to him play again.
2.Tuvok's padd with Star Fleet Regulations
1.Holonovels for all of the James Bond movies.

O.K., people, I'm all dried up. Your turn.