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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things Found In Chakotay's Quarters During Spring Cleaning
Roxanne -- 21 Mar 1998, 4:31 PM

10.Piece of the bridge of his Maqui ship he salvaged before Tom had him trnsported to Voyager.
9.Book titled "The Art of Crashing with Style"
8.A black eyebrow pencil to renew his tatoo.
7.A batleth that he had brought in hopes of encouraging B'ellana to work out with him.
6.A stuffed Tribble (His Animal Guide)
5.Picture of Janeway and Tom's Children
4.Book titled "How to Win the Girl you Love."
3.Plans for the log cabin he was going to build on New Earth.
2.A bar of Janway's soap from New Earth.
1.Holonovel of the Sea Hawk in which he plays Captain Drake and Janway plays the Virgin Queen, Elizabeth.