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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things Found In Janeway's Quarter's During Spring Cleaning
Roxanne -- 21 Mar 1998, 3:33 PM

10.Pool stick from Sandrine's
9.Sculpted bird made in DaVinci's workshop, at least she thought it was a bird.
8.Coffee Service she bought at DS9 for her home with Mark.
7.A Book titled 101 Ways to Repair a Space Ship
6.Another book titled How to Make Friends and Influence Aliens
5.A stuffed Lizard
4.Map of the Alpha Quadrant
3.Dead Talaxian Tomato plant brought from "New Earth," the planet she and Chakotay were left on in Resolutions.
2.Green Velvet dress to be worn in...
1.Holonovel of Gone With the Wind in which Chakotay plays Rhett Butler