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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Ways Voyager Will Celebrate St. Patrick's Day This Year
Ruth -- 14 Mar 1998

10.Tom and B'Elanna play the "English soldier" and the "Irish Tavern Wench" for the umpteenth time, but this evening he insists on being allowed to play the soldier.
9.At the morning senior staff meeting, Tuvok refers to everyone as "you wee little darlins'."
8.Harry attempts to woo Seven by playing "My Wild Irish Rose" for her on his clarinet. She responds by asking Janeway if instead of just being restricted from certain areas in the ship could she please be placed in isolation.
7.After the Delaney sisters put on their identical "Kiss Me If You're Irish" T-shirts, the male crew members all start talking with a brogue.
6.Hol O'Doc fits Tom with green contacts in an effort to stop all the debate over whether his eyes are blue or gray. Tom is stunned to discover that without being able to talk about his eyes, the women of the ship start ignoring him in favor of speculating over the origins of Chakotay's tattoo.
5.Harry kisses the Blarney Stone, becomes strangely attracted to it, names it "Estelle," and begins carrying it with him everywhere.
4.The Hir O'Gen are so delighted with their new holo technology, that they invite the crew over to spend the St. Patrick's Day in their new holodeck. The holiday theme: Saint Patrick driving the snakes out of Ireland. Only things go horribly awry: the Hir O'Gen get so excited when they see the snakes that they run after them, catch them, start wearing them as accessories, and then flirt outrageously with the female crew members.
3.The crew spends a night drinking Neelix's green beer and eating his corned beef with leola root cabbage. The next day, Janeway is heard to mutter weakly, I think we now have a new arsenal of weapons to throw at the next AOTW.
2.The crew starts mumbling about having to follow Starfleet regulations and begins demanding the right of "Home Rule" for Voyager.
1.Chakotay comes up to Kathryn with a roguish grin on his face and asks if she'd like to come to his quarters to "sample me 'Lucky Charms'?