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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Ways Voyager Will Celebrate St. Patrick's Day This Year
SuzyQ -- 13 Mar 1998

10.Tom & Harry adjust Tuvok's station console to play "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" every time he hits "Enter."
9.Neelix & Co. restage "Riverdance" for the crew's entertainment. The standouts are 7 and Tuvok who dance up a storm while maintaining the blankest expressions in the quadrant. Neelix, however, reserves the right of the headband and bare chest for himself. (ahem)
8.Doc serenades all who enter Sickbay with his rendition of "Danny Boy."
7.Neelix's Special of the Day: corned beef and leola root with a side of potatoes au leola, served with a frosty mug of McDonald's famous Shamrock Shake (cough) (cough)
6.7's selects her attire of the day - an emerald green jumpsuit, a few strategically placed shamrocks and a green bowler hat tilted rakishly across her right eye. Comments about Frank Gorshin and The Riddler go right over her head.
5.Janeway does it. She finally blazing auburn hair just like the fan fiction writers have envisioned for years. Red like Maureen O'Hara. Red like Moira Shearer. Red, red, RED!
4....and for your viewing pleasure in Holodeck #3:Tom and B'Elanna star as Sean Thornton and Mary Kate Dannaher in a simulation of that classic John Ford movie, THE QUIET MAN. Everything goes quite well until the end when B'Elanna, part Klingon that she is, won't abide being dragged a mile like Mary Kate. Instead she picks up a pitchfork, chases all her brothers plus Sean a mile back to the train station, herds them into the caboose and gets the engineer to take the lot of them away so the womenfolk in the village will finally have some peace. ;-)
3.Neelix becomes the crew's Lucky Leprechaun when he dresses up in a little green suit and hat, disperses pots o'replicated gold to lucky crewmembers, and Janeway discovers that the AOTW are actually descendants of *real* leprechauns. Flattered that earthlings still remember them, a treaty is signed and Voyager is allowed to travel to the end of the rainbow in a millisecond. Good thing - it's another 10,000 light years closer to earth! Bad thing - Voyager is in a land called Oz and the Technicolor is too overwhelming for the crew's eyes.
2.After a couple of Harps, Chakotay gets a tattoo of a four leaf clover on his backside with the phrase "Kate My Mate" written in script on the inside.
1.Irish coffee all around - Janeway's orders!