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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Missing Scenes From The Killing Game
Mrs Riley -- 6 Mar 1998, 2:43 PM

10.When Janeway got shot, do you suppose, oh, I don't know, that there might actually have been some BLOOD on her hand after she clutched the wound? (Don't tell, me, I know. It was a holographic wound, a holographic limp and holographic invisible blood.)
9.B'Elanna's holo-baby disappearing when the holo-grid was fried. (Now, THERE would have been a special effect!!)
8.The Doc, on participating in the Klingon simulation: "I'm a doctor, not an actor!"
7.Captain Miller/Chakotay telling Katrin/Janeway, "You sure are a gung-ho kind of gal. Maybe when this whole thing is over I could buy you a cup of coffee?"
6.Seven throwing a holo-grenade at holo-Germans and noting it was "A crude but effective simulation"
5.Better yet, Seven as a Klingon.
4.Harry, when challenged by Tom as to whether he was an American: "You know, I'm often mistaken for a blond-haired blue-eyed German. I HATE when that happens."
3.Tuvok to Seven when she refused to sing for the Hirogen: "Logically, singing would be preferable to death. Besides, I REALLY want to hear you sing again."
2.The first hour. (or, how the Hirogens took over Voyager).
1.The last hour. (or, how our heroes fought the Hirogen to a standoff) following papers (and completed a practicum for Professor Neelix)