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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Signs The Crew Is Getting Bored
Martha -- 2 Mar 1998, 12:34 PM

10.Neelix, angered at the complaints of the crew decides to research famous earth chefs--he then insists the crew address him as "Julia" and will speak in nothing but a Talaxian/French accent.
9.B'Elanna practices moving around the ship so that only her head and shoulders are visible.
8.Ayala lead the crew in a "Charades" tournament.
7.The Delaney sisters take first prize in a ship-wide "hide and seek" competition.
6.Harry "decodes" Star Fleet's message only to "discover" he has been promoted to ship's captain.
5.The doc, flushed with success at designing Seven's catsuit (he has received many compliments from certain crew members) decides to expand his "apparel sub-routines." After Tom and Harry are assigned loin cloths instead of jumpsuits a crew-wide mutiny erupts and engineering smocks are mandated for all.
4.Janeway decides to re-read her log entries, only to discover in horror that Kes had warned them about the Krenim and the year of hell, "how could we have possibly forgotten that?" she muses to an equally befuddled Chakotay.
3.Tuvok decides to explore the reality of his waking moment and arrives on the bridge unclothed. He methodically compares actual crew reaction to his perception of what their reaction would be. He is unprepared for the whistles of admiration.
2.B'Elanna snorts in glee while a puzzled Carey can't complete his assignment to "re-align all the non-hyperconverter isometric catalysts in the tachion inductor plasma coils." "Gotcha" she cries "There is no such thing as a non-hyperconverter isometric catalyst, they are all hyperconverters." The rest of the engineering crew snicker appreciatively.
1.Chakotay sidles up to Janeway and mumbles "You want to show Mark that you've moved on?"