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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Signs The Crew Is Getting Bored
Ruth -- 2 Mar 1998, 11:13 AM

As we head towards Spring, I thought the Voyager crew might be getting bored since they can't get out as much because of the inclement interplanetary winter weather (note to Mike and the shuttle pool -- this may be why there haven't been as many crashes -- Janeway isn't letting them out this winter because El Nino has been whipping up a lot of snow, sleet, rain, and plasma storms).

Thus, the Top Ten Signs that the Voyager Crew Is Bored With Being Stuck Indoors:

10.Chakotay sticks a whoopee cushion in Janeway's seat on the bridge.
9.Seven asks Harry once more to take his clothes off.
8.When Janeway comes to the doctor with a cold, he tells her she's come down with a "slight case of pregnancy" just to watch her freak out.
7.B'Elanna talks Tom into covering himself with whipped cream and chocolate leola sauce. Okay, so that's not a seasonal thing. She has him do that all the time.
6.Chakotay constantly tries to get Janeway to let him take a shuttle out for a "joy ride."
5.Neelix just can't keep "Where the Boys Are" in stock at the ship's video rental store.
4.Harry calls Janeway "ma'am" in a non-crunch time situation and an irritable captain snaps and gives him a black eye.
3.Even the Delaney sisters are getting tired of indoor activities.
2.Chakotay is spending an inordinate amount of time alone in his quarters with the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition.
1.Harry and Tom give Tuvok a wedgie in the officer's locker room.