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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Seven's Top Ten Term Papers And Projects
Ruth -- 22 Feb 1998, 6:19 PM

Completed in her course of study at Starfleet Academy's Delta Quadrant Campus (known throughout the galaxy as "DQU." She wrote the following papers (and completed a practicum for Professor Neelix):

10.For Professor Paris: "The Samson Syndrome: The Correlation Between the Use of Rogaine and Enhanced Sexual Performance"
9.For Professor Kes: "Gone But Not Forgotten: Use of the Internet to Lament the Passing of a Favorite Character."
8.For the Professors' Delaney: "What a Woman Needs: Imagery and Eroticism as Revealed in "The Story of O."
7.For Professor Neelix: Seven had to plan, prepare, *and* talk the senior crew into eating a seven course meal designed around the theme: "Leola Root: Nectar of the Gods."
6.For Professor Torres: "Why Any Woman on Voyager Who so Much as Ogles Tom Paris in the Corridors Will Have a Lengthy Stay in Sickbay."
5.For Professor Holodoc: "The Judicious Use of Cold Showers in Maintaining Crew Morale."
4.For Professor Kim: "'What's Your Sign?': A Swinging Guy's Guide to Never Fail Pick-up Lines for Use Throughout the Galaxy."
3.For Professor Tuvok: "'Take My Wife -- Please!!': Inane, Illogical, and Unfunny Human 'Jokes' Throughout the Ages."
2.For Professor Chakotay: "Paper clips, Hair Pins, and Spatulas: Designing and Building a Working Shuttlecraft Using Everyday Household Items."
1.And for Professor Janeway: "Consistent Parenting: the Use of Rewards and Punishments in Molding Your Child's Behavior."