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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Bridge Banter Throughout The Ages
Ruth -- 21 Feb 1998, 8:55 AM

10.Noah to his family on day 39, "Hey, I think it stopped raining. (He waits for them to run to the windows) Just kidding!!!"
9.Christopher Columbus to his crew on a particularly boring evening in the Atlantic: "Maria was a nice girl, but what I could tell you guys about Nina, ooh la la!!"
8.Miles Standish on the Mayflower, "Pray tell, Miss Priscilla, dost thou know how many Separatists it takes to change a light bulb?"
7.Captain Bligh to Fletcher Christian, "I can hardly wait to get to Tahiti and see those topless girls. Hubba hubba!"
6.Eric to Andy: "I definitely think their smaller this week!" (Oops, this message must have mistakenly been transferred to this list. Sorry).
5.Admiral Farragut just before dinner, "Damn the torpedoes, I'm in the mood for pizza!"
4.Gilligan: "Hey Skipper, can you believe the luggage that movie star brought with her for a three hour tour? What, does she think we're going to have time for cocktail hour? "
3.Captain James T. Kirk, who just cracked up every time Bones went into his, "Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor!" routine to McCoy, "Bones, we need someone to fill in as a busboy in mess tonight. You available?"
2.Deanna Troi to Riker when she intuits that they are about to transport onto a planet populated solely by women who were just dumped by their last boyfriends, "Wil, make sure you put on a little extra High Karate for this away mission -- this planet is full of girls just lookin for some easy lovin."
1.Janeway to Chakotay, "is that your spirit guide in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?"

MikeD added:

The Captain of the Titanic, in response to his first mate's warnings:

  • "Who cares about some stupid overgrown ice cubes, I've got a speed record to break!
  • Some day they'll be making movies about this record breaking voyage, and besides, we're unsinkable, remember? {pause} ...... Did you just hear a loud scraping noise? ".