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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Items Likely To Be On "Bridge Banter For Beginners" Lesson Number 19
Suzanne -- 20 Feb 1998, 12:21 PM

10.To Doc: What exactly were you thinking when you designed my uniform?
9.To B'Elanna: I've noticed quite a few courtship rituals occurring in Jeffries tubes or on engineering consoles. Can you explain this to me?
8.B'Elanna line #2: Lieutenant, what does this button do?
7.To Neelix: Have you ever considered wearing heels?
6.To Harry: Ensign Kim, have you ever been close to being fired out of a photon torpedo tube?
5.To Tuvok: Lt. Commander, do you ever have the urge to raise more than an eyebrow at Mr. Neelix?
4.To Chakotay: So, Commander, how did you find your first assimilation experience? Was it satisfactory for you as well?
3.To Tom: Do you tire of sitting in one position for so long? I have a personal trainer who is most challenging.
2.To Janeway: Captain, would you like the name of my hairstylist?
1.To the Bridge Crew: Coffee, tea or a regeneration milkshake surprise?