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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Items Likely To Be On "Bridge Banter For Beginners" Lesson Number 18
Ginny -- 20 Feb 1998

<-- Very clever, Mrs. Riley. You have inspired me to take keyboard in hand and write:

10."So, Captain, what's with the hair?"
9."I can name that encryption code in 5 characters." "Name that encryption code."
8."What was that blue stuff at lunch?"
7."Stop me, if you've heard this one. A Bolian, a Bajoran, and a Klingon walk into a bar..."
6."So, Chakotay, what's with the hair?"
5."I have a bad feeling about this." (Sorry, my mistake--that's bridge banter for STAR WARS, not STAR TREK.)
4."Who wants to hear me read the letter from my parents again?"
3."Hey, that nebula looks sort of like a hippopotamus."
2."So, Tom, what's with the hair?"
1."This section of space seems pretty harmless. Cue the in-flight movie."