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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Items Likely To Be On "Bridge Banter For Beginners" Lesson Number 17
Mrs Riley -- 20 Feb 1998

(adapted for Seven) from the Doctor's personal files:

10.To Janeway: Captain, have you noticed that the flashing lights above the view screen have no function?
10.bis To Chakotay: Good day, Commander. Have you crashed any shuttles lately?
9.To the bridge in general: I can understand why bridge duty is so coveted--Mr. Neelix is rarely ON the bridge...
8.To Paris: Is it always the job of the chief helmsman to provide comic relief among the bridge crew?
7.To Tuvok: I have noticed that several ensigns in blue uniforms sit on the bridge and never speak. Can you explain this phenomenon?
6.To Chakotay: Is the purpose of your constant flirting with the Captain to gain advantage with her among the senior staff?
5.To Kim: Do you like the way my uniform fits?
4.To Janeway: Captain, what have you done with your hair?
3.To Janeway and Chakotay: My Captain, you and the commander make a lovely couple sitting there like that.
2.To Tuvok [as he comes onto the bridge]: Mr. Tuvok, did you forget something? [pause] Made you look!
1.To Janeway: [In a whiny teenager's voice] Captain, are we there yet???