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Voyager Top Ten Lists

The Top Ten Pick-Up Lines For Neelix (Talaxians)
ande -- 12 Feb 1998, 10:02 PM

10.I have a Leila root stash. I might share it with you.
9.Hey, I have an outfit just like that.
8.I have my own ship. We could go exploring through the junk yards of the galaxy together.
7.You're 3 years old, of course that's not a problem for me.
6.My pleekarind casserole is known throughout the galaxy.
5.I'm the ambassador for the ship, we could go somewhere and negotiate.
4.My last girlfriend evolved into a higher lifeform. I could do the same for you.
3.Why don't you come up to the ship. I promise not to let Chakotay fly the shuttle.
2.I noticed that you were giving Mr. Paris the eye. It is my duty to inform you that he is unavailable and that if you attempt to approach him in a 'friendly' manner you will likely be eviscerated. I, on the other hand, am available.
and the number 1 Neelix pick-up line is:
1.My whiskers are highly sensitive, would you rub them for me?