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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Vulcan Pick-Up Lines
Marie -- 12 Feb 1998, 9:27 PM

10.My grandmother is T'Pau
9.I have prayed for my lost cousin at Vulcan's most famous temple.
8.Let me show you my meditation stones.
7.I am the Federation champion in three-dimensional chess.
6.I have just completed Surak's 35 volume philosophical doctrine on Vulcan logic. Let me share my insights.
5.My quantum mechanics instructor stated that the upward curve of my ears demonstrate a particularly sophisticated aerodynamic design.
4.Come, let us fast amid the hot sands of Vulcan's hottest desert.
3.Your mathematical formulas are....fascinating.
2.It would please me if you helped me solve my Pon Farr problem.
1.I never get emotional.