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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten More Excuses Not to Fly in a Shuttle With Chakotay
Ruth -- 5 Feb 1998, 11:19 AM

10.Neelix: "Umm, Commander, I don't really think you want to be in a confined space with me right now. I've been doing some taste testing as I perfect my recipe for Rodeo Red's Rootin' Tootin' Chile, and my latest batch has been heavy on the beans, if you know what I mean."
9.B'Elanna: "Sorry, but I have to wash my hair for my date with Tom."
8.Holodoc: "I'm afraid we're having a rash of illnesses, and I can't leave Lt. Paris alone in sickbay."
7.Tom: "I'm afraid we're having a rash of illnesses, and I can't leave the holodoc alone in sickbay."
6.Anonymous red shirt extra: "Sure, I'll be glad to go!"
5.Harry: "Sure, I'll be glad to go!"
4.Megan Delaney: " "
3.Tuvok: "I am embarrassed to admit that I have recently developed an irrational fear of enclosed spaces." --- translation: "hey I'd rather pretend to feel human emotion than get on that shuttle craft of death."
2.Seven of Nine: "Safety IS relevant."
and the number one excuse given by a member of the Voyager crew:
1.Janeway: "You know, Chakotay -- I've been rethinking this whole rigid, me captain, you first officer thingy. You just run along, big boy, and when you get back I'll have replicated some champagne and a couple of items from my Victoria's secret catalog."