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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten More Excuses Not To Fly In A Shuttle With Chakotay
TKS -- 5 Feb 1998, 11:04 AM

10.I have to stay and clean the warp core conduits.
9.The EMH says that what I have is contagious.
8.Sorry I was placed in the brig, because I was caught in a compromising position.
7.Paris is teaching me to land Voyager in the Holodeck.
6.It seems my assistance is needed in the the astrometrics lab.
5.Neelix is teaching me the finer skills in diplomacy.
4.The manual over-ride on my door is not functioning. Help I'm locked in my quarters!
3.I have a level three clearance in engineering, so I am required to work in Engineering oday.
2.There is a leak in the warp core, and my finger is required to keep it sealed.
And the number one reason why I can't *fly* in a shuttle with Chakotay.
1.It's Harry's turn isn't it?