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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten More Excuses Not To Fly In A Shuttle With Chakotay
Martha -- 5 Feb 1998, 10:28 AM

(with apologies to Brynn for similarities)

10.I promised I'd help the Captain with a new 'do.
9.I want to check out the cute new transporter ensign.
8.I feel myself becoming "one" with Kes and the universe.
7.I've just replicated bananas flambe and I want to eat it while its still flaming.
6.My spirit guide won't let me.
5.No, you go ahead--I'll catch the next one.
4.B'ellana thinks she may have lost some dilithium crystals in the shuttlecraft bay and no one can walk around there until they are found.
3.My Borg technology reanimation insurance plan doesn't kick in until next month.
2.My mother warned me against "rides" with men with tattoos.
1.I thought we've run out of shuttlecraft.