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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things Janeway Would Do If The Voyager Crew Was Forced To Deal With Constant Re-Runs
Ruth -- 4 Feb 1998, 1:53 PM

10.Hold discussion groups that involve crew members watching past episodes and answering important burning questions: # 1 -- Does the Coiffure Make the Captain?: The Power Ponytail v. Supermom Bob.
9.Discussion topic #2: The Blue v. The Gray: Jeepers Creepers, What Color *are* Tom's Peepers?
8.Discussion topic #3: if Kes and Seven were mud wrestlers, who would win the best seven out of nine matches?

Oops!! Sorry. THAT belongs on the Top Ten things Andy and Eric like to think about in their spare time list.
7.Janeway would arm herself with a compression phaser rifle and take out the latest AOTW: the network vice-president in charge of programming
6.Order Tuvok to start taping "Babylon 5" every day, and suggest he just tape over certain Voyager episodes, like "Scorpion I and II," "Basics" . . . -- well, you get the idea. (I haven't seen them, but I gather from Mike and Eric, that she'd like them taped over).
5.In order to divert the crew's boredom, she'd allow Neelix to hold a Sadie Hawkins Dance in the mess hall, but she'd have to rethink it when B'Elanna, the Delaney Sisters, and G'Inny would all want to have Tom as their date.
4.In another effort to entertain the crew, she'd have Harry Kim perform a SRO clarinet concert; panic as one by one crew members kill themselves; then happily realize it was just another dream sequence in "Waking Moments."
3.In yet another effort to amuse her grumpy crew, she'd have them put on a talent show, the highlight of which would be Tuvok's stirring rendition of "The Girl from Impanema"
2.Put her people in jeopardy by ordering that as long as re-runs are on, they all watch "Beverly Hills 90210" in order to assimilate new knowledge; but unfortunately this results in even lower ratings for her crew, and they are threatened with cancellation.
And the number one thing that Janeway would do if her crew forced to deal with constant reruns:
1.She'd watch the "Resolutions" episode, over and over and over again -- but she'd always turn it off before those last few minutes.