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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Ways Kes Can Complicate Her Life
Grifone -- 26 Apr 1997, 17:56 GMT

10.At the next staff meeting, initiate a lively game of "Truth or Dare." (Use burgeoning telepathic powers to point out when someone is *not* telling the Truth)
9.When next Voyager goes through a temporal anomoly, set all the clocks back 1 year -- just for fun.
8.Sneak into Stellar Cartography one night and connect the dots. Look real innocent the next day when the Nav systems go haywire.
7.Bored with Sick Bay? Offer yourself as apprentice to B'Elanna. Be sure to suggest alternative empathetic approaches to every engineering crisis.
6.Take a shuttle ride with a nameless ensign.
5.The next time Some Kind of Anomoly triggers the Elogium -- carpe diem!
4.If it triggers pon farr in Vorick -- well, nothing says "complication" like the pitter-patter of VulCampa feet...
3.Re-think the approach in hydroponics after watching the ancient Earth vid, "Little Shop of Horrors."
2.Two little words: "Warp 10"
1.One little word: "Braids"