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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Ten Bumper Stickers Found On The USS Voyager
Leonie -- 2 May 1997, 08:07 GMT

9.Caution!, Neelix on board.
8.The Caretaker took us 70,000 light years from home and all we got was this lousy bumper sticker.
7.Our half Klingon female can beat up your Vulcan male any day!.
6.We don't brake for ANYTHING, we FLY into ANYTHING.
5.If you can read this, there's and incoming photon torpedo up your butt.
4.Have you hugged your Vulcan Today?
3.Eat our waste emission Kazon!!!
2.For a good time call " 1 (900) DATE PARIS"
1.WARNING, half Klingon female chief engineer and fully human female captain..................Say, what time of the month is it?