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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Ten More Signs That You Have Been Watching Too Much Voyager
Mrs Mac -- 25 Apr 1997, 19:42 GMT

In no particular order

1.You name your cat/dog after a character on Voyager.
2.You name your CHILD after a character on Voyager.
3.You name your pet iguanas after Janeway and Tom.
4.You use the term "shields up" when you see your mother-in-law walking up to your house.
5.You use the term "core breach" when your husbands pants split.
6.You use the term "red shirt" for former employees.
7.Your husband uses the term "leyola root" to describe your cooking.
8.You use the term "replicator" when your husband asks you 'what's for dinner.'
9.You use the term "Klingon" to describe your mood during 'that time of the month.'
10.You use the term "phasers on KILL!" when you're out for revenge!