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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Technical Advancements For Voyager's Fourth Season
Ginny -- 25 Apr 1997, 19:05 GMT

10.Leola root stew anti-personnel device
9.Pro-active tri-corder--scans, identifies, and annihilates without that annoying human delay caused by reaching for a phaser.
8.Stealth shuttle--the aliens can't blow it up, if they can't see it.
7.X-ray goggles--NOW we know what Lt. Paris has been doing with his replicator credits.
6.O-Cedar enhanced sensor array--gives a whole new meaning to the term sensor sweep.
5.Red-shirt ensign catapult--still functional, even when all major systems are off-line.
4.Call-waiting for comm badges
3.Hull-eating virus--Uh, did anyone remember to turn on the bio-containment field?
2.Great big jumper cables--because the Borg never seem to carry any with them.
1.Photon tuxedo--for diplomatic missions that just don't go very well.