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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things Ayala Has Been Dying To Say
Ginny -- 23 Apr 1997, 22:12 GMT

10."I liked the bun better, Captain."
9."Wasn't 'Twisted' just a complete waste of time?"
8."Hey, Kes. I hear you're free Saturday night."
7."I want to apologize to everyone for the last three years. Apparently, leola root stew gives me gas."
6."The shuttle mystery is solved. I've been building them in my quarters from a kit."
5."Do Kim and Paris realize that one of the Delaney Sisters is really a guy?"
4."One more longing look between the Captain and the First Officer, and I'm going to throw up."
3."Bio-neural circuitry? Where did you get that idea? Those are my Jello snack packs."
2."Has anyone seen Ensign Wildman and the baby lately?
1."Now that I've been given a speaking part--am I gonna die?"