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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten More Signs That Chakotay And Janeway Are Having A Relationship
Grifone -- 23 Apr 1997, 20:05 GMT

10.Janeway lets her hair down and forgets to put it back up again (yes, even the barrette is gone)
9.When Ensign Kim encounters Chakotay leaving Janeway's quarters very, very early in the morning, Chakotay claims he was "just looking for my animal guide."
8.Janeway isn't so quick to stand hip-to-shoulder with Lt. Tom Paris at the Con these days...
7.Instead of using the word "Mark" in navigational directions (i.e., "Take us out of here, Lieutenant -- heading, eight-two point six, mark five..."), the Captain starts using phrases with less emotional baggage, i.e. "Let's go Thattaway, Lieutenant."
6.Chakotay raises no objections when Janeway orders Torres on a scouting mission with *an anonymous ensign in a red shirt* (!) -- however, he does suggest that Tom Paris would be a more useful co-pilot than the ensign....
5.Even without real coffee, the Captain sure is percolating these days...
4.Kes (whose telepathic talents are really blossoming) can't help blushing whenever she's around Janeway and Chakotay.
3.After conducting a routine physical on the Captain, the holo Doc adds the word "hickey" to his treatise on mating rituals.
2.When the ship encounters Some Kind of Anomaly directly in their path, instead trying to save time by flying straight into the unknown danger, the Captain shrugs, and says: "What the heck, let's take the long way home."
1.UST declines, ratings drop, and the show is cancelled. :-(

(OK, I'm a cynic -- but heck, I'm also a diehard J/C fan -- I'd still love to see it happen, but maybe not until the very last season...)