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Voyager Top Ten Lists

The Holodoc's Top Ten List Of Potential Names
G'Inny -- 23 Apr 1997, 15:08 GMT

10.Dr. Pepper
9.Dr. Zhivago (And why not--Kes is looking more like Julie Christie every day.)
8.Dr. S'Offis
7.Dr. Moreau (Has anyone seen Neelix lately?)
6.Dr. Scholl (Hey, every good paramilitary organization runs on its feet.)
5.Dr. Who (I can just hear Harry and Tom now--"I want to know the doctor's new name." "Who." "The Holodoc." "Who." "The guy in sick bay." "Who's in sick bay." "Yes, what's the guy's name?" "No, What's in engineering.")
4.Dr. Quest
3.Dr. Ruth (Well, this would certainly explain the treatise on inter-galactic sex practices.)
2.Dr. Doctorgivemethenews
1.(And still my personal favorite) Dr. Kildare