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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten (Real) Books Found In The Crews' Quarters
Mrs Mac -- 23 Apr 1997, 13:46 GMT

While the crew was at the latest luau party the maid found the following books stashed under the pillows of the crew:

10.B'Elanna: "Planet Dora: A Memoir of the Holocaust and the Birth of the Space Age (by Yves Beon)
9.Harry: Surviving in Prison (by Harold S. Long)
8.Tom: Extremely Weird: Reptiles (Extremely Weird) (by Sarah Lovett)
7.Neelix: The Astrological Cookbook: Your Culinary Guild to Celestial Harmony (by Rana Birkmeier)
6.Janeway: Coffee, the Bean of my Existence (by R.D. Thomas)
5.Chakotay: Body Decoration (Traditions Around the World) (by Jillian Powell)
4.Kes: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (by the Brothers Grimm)
3.Tuvok: Intrusion Detection Systems (by Robert L. Barnard)
2.Doc: Baby Names for the New Century (by Pamela Samuelson)
1.Vorick: 2002 Ways to Find, Attract, and Keep a Mate (by Cyndi Haynes)

Yes, These are Real Books! - Mrs. Mac