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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Aliens/Mutants That Voyager Will Be Meeting In The Fourth Season
Ginny -- 22 Apr 1997, 18:39 GMT

10.The Timex (There's no use wasting photon torpedoes on them, because. . .)
9.The Coneheads--oh, wait, they're from France, aren't they?
8.The Krinnim--if you got the moxie, Kathy, we got the time.
7.The Pro Bona--famous throughout the Quadrant for giving free legal advice.
6.A bright, shiny sentient light that Harry alertly describes as "some kind of luminous anomaly".
5.IRS Agents, armed with three years of back tax assessments (Get us out of here, Mr. Paris!)
4.Lo-Q-tus. He's ba-a-ack. . .and, this time, he's lost some hair and gained a prosthesis.
3.The Amway Assemblage --- more terrifying than the Borg Collective!
2.Mexican Migrant Workers --- oh, sorry. I was having a Chronowerx flashback.
1.Newt, Sally Amanda, and Tom, Jr.--Happy Mother's Day, Kathryn.