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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Reasons Kes Should Be Captain!
Eric -- 22 Apr 1997, 18:54 GMT

10.Cpt. Kes rhymes so well...
9.If you don't vote for her she'll melt your eyes! Ewwww.
8.She hasn't crashed a shuttle yet! :)
7.Scorched earth gardening!!
6.Admit it! you loved her Domanatrix Warlord outfit!!
Or is that just me?
5.Janeway "I'll get this ship back to the AQ before I retire" Kes "I'll get this ship back to the AQ before I retire" Nuff said. :)
4.Seen on bumpersticker: Kes for Cpt. cuz my ears are pointier!
3.Kes in Warlord outfit (so good it counts twice).
2.Janeway dithers about hairstyle for 3 years while while Kes grows full golden locks in 1 episode!
1.Enterprise crew : "Our Captain's a Shakespearean actor" Voyager crew: "Our Captain's a Scanner!"