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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Ten T-Shirts Worn On "Casual Day" On The Bridge Of Voyager
Leonie -- 22 Apr 1997, 18:25 GMT

10.Extra: "Speaking Role = DEATH"
9.Neelix: "Talaxians do it better with a little leeola root"
8.Kim: " Lady's Man (Teresians need not apply)"
7.Chakotay: " I am NOT a happy little Indian"
6.The Doctor: "I am a DOCTOR NOT A: (i) Interior decorator (ii) Voyeur (iii) Counterinsurgent (iv) Engineer (v) Entertainer"
5.Tuvok:" Vulcans DO NOT whatever it is that you are thinking at this very moment."
4.Kes:" P E S, Pre-Elogium Syndrom"
3.Janeway: "B.I.T.C.H. : Boys I'm The one in Charge Here"
2.Torres: " My bite is much worst than my growl"
1.Paris: "Bite Me"

And Ten More From Leonie

10."I have PMS and ESP, that means I'm a Bitch who Knows it all".
7."NHA: National Hairstyle Association"
6."Technobabble is not for Wimps"
5."Card carrying member of the NCPRA: National Compression Phaser Rifle Association"
4."Guns don't kill people, Tri-Cobalt devices do"
3."Because I"M THE CAPTAIN, THAT'S WHY!!!"
2."I'm in touch with my Inner Bitch"
1."Some Captains don't, some Captains may, I FIRE!!!!!!!"

And Five More Top T-Shirts from G'Inny

1."If photon torpedos are outlawed, only outlaws will have photon torpedos"
2."Don't blame me--I haven't voted in three years"
3."You have obviously mistaken me for someone who cares"
4."Federation Witness Protection Program--You don't know me"
5."Hard Rock Cafe -- Taresia"