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Voyager Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Excuses For Losing A Shuttlecraft
Jules -- 22 Apr 1997, 16:30 GMT

1.Oops. We did that fly down, beam back up thing again, didn't we? (Parturition, Tattoo, Resolutions)
2.It's alright, it wasn't one of ours! We "borrowed" it from the Kazon! (Investigations)
3.It's alright, it wasn't one of ours! It belonged to the Starfleet of an alternate universe! (Non Sequitur)
4.It saves on the cleaning bills if Neelix and Paris spend their Quality Time together down on Planet Hell instead of in the Mess Hall. (Parturition)
5.The Kazon decided that the exchange rate of four Mages to one shuttlecraft (and Chakotay) was too high. (Maneuvers)
6.It was only a holodeck simulation. (Threshold)
7.We only lost a shuttlecraft in the novelization (where we let Paris and Torres go play with Tuvok's nebula). We were much more careful in the actual episode! (Flashback)
8.Hey, they are the Borg! At least we only lost one shuttlecraft instead of the entire fleet! (Unity)
9.It was everywhere in the universe at once! How could it possibly be lost? (Threshold)
10.Chakotay insisted on piloting and we were foolish enough to let him. (Caretaker, Cathexis, Initiations, Maneuvers, Future's End: 2, Coda, Unity)

It's frightening to think that they're all genuine examples, isn't it?